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Friday Evening
March 11, 2016

Candle Lighting
& Evening Services
5:30 PM

3 Course Dinner
6:45 PM

March 12, 2016

Morning Services
10 AM

Kiddush Lunch
12:45 PM

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Adults $45
Children 3-12 $35

$5 off per person
for members

Family Max. $180
Event Sponsor $180

For children 4 and older,
a children’s program will
be conducted during meal

Assigned Seating

Rabbi Ben-Zion Bar-Ami

Among many other things Rabbi Bar-Ami is the director of “Hay-Li” School of Alternative Medicine in Rechovot, Israel and has been giving seminars of Jewish Energy Healing throughout the world for the past 15 years,

teaching self healing, healing others, distance healing and Jewish meditation using the Kabalistic symbols.

Rabbi Bar Ami is known for his unique Micrography art. His art has won a prestigious coverage in Calligraphy Magazine by the late world renowned Treasurer of the British Museum.

Rabbi Bar-Ami is the director of the Holy Script Museum, and of "Oht-Le-Olam" Research Institute of the Holy Language and Writings in Rechovot, Israel which has a branch in Chabad of Golden Beach in Sunny Isles, Florida.

Rabbi Bar-Ami is serving his community as a Rabbi for more than 30 years.

Rabbi is ordained by the Rabbinate of Israel and is a Sofer St”am. He teaches Torah classes world-wide and his special knowledge in the power of the Hebrew letters.

Rabbi Bar Ami was chosen to bestow the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) by the University Of Berkley in Chicago.