Rabbi David Toledano was born in 1968 to the famous Toledano family of Rabbis. Rabbi Toledano attended the Talmud Torah Academy of Haifa from 1972 to 1982. He later received a coveted spot in the world famous Ponovitz Yeshiva and was a student of the late Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Menachem Man Shach.

In 2000, Rabbi Toledano became the rabbi of Sephardic Congregation Magen David in Beverly Hills, CA for seven years. He founded Yeshivat Ohr Letzion in 2007 according to his vision: a new model for Jewish and secular education through a developmentally appropriate approach. Children are taught to read, speak and think in Hebrew to enable Judaic studies to be learned in the language of the child soul.

 Throughout the years, Rabbi Toledano has developed a tremendous talent and expertise in marriage counseling. Indeed, his position as head of a community has confronted him with –unfortunately- a plethora of Shalom Bait issues. This experience associated with his kind soul and tremendous amount of knowledge, in halacha and human nature, built him a growing reputation as the “peacemaker” for couples.