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Shavuot Dinner & All Night Study

7:35 PM Minchah & Shavuot Introduction
8:30 PM Evening Services
Dinner Menu
First Course
Pecana A La Veracruzana
Ensalada De Pico De Gallo
(Cucumber Salad)
Guacomole Dip
Main Course
Mole Chicken
Refried Beans
Mexican Rice
Fruit & Cake
Red Sangria

All Night Study (FREE OF CHARGE)
Coffee and Snacks all night

10:30 PM 
Discussion ONE - IT Takes Three to Tango
The significance of the number three in Judaism. This number contains practical significance, as well deep, mystical understandings.
by Rebbitzen Sura :Leider

11:45 PM
Discussion TW0 - Historical Evolution of Jewish Conversion
Why don't we proselytize? Has the process of conversion changed over time? What was the status of Jews before Mount Sinai? What are the current issues of modern conversions?
by Rabbi Leider

1 AM
Discussion THREE - Surrogacy & Uterine Transplant in Jewish Law
Learn the various laws that are relevant to modern day issues of surrogacy and uterine transplant. We will also discuss some moral and ethical aspects of these methods and procedures.
by Rabbi Reiz

2:15 AM - 4:15 AM
Discussion FOUR - Inside Study of a Speech of the Rebbe
When Moshiach comes, "A New Torah will come forth..." We will learn how this prophecy is relevant to us now.


Ice Cream Kiddush

  Wednesday, June 4

Services at 10am followed by: Ice Cream Kiddush