You can sponsor the Kiddush in honor of any occasion:

  • Birthday
  • Yahrtzeit
  • Wedding Anniversary
  • Baby Naming / Bris
  • or just because!  


1. To schedule a Kiddush, call 858-455-1670 or email [email protected]

2. After scheduling a kiddush, you can pay online by clicking here

Standard Kiddush:

1 Tray of cookies, pastries and/or cake
1 Tray of sliced fruit
2 Bowls of salads (Pasta, Potato, Cucumber, Israeli, Carrot, Tuna...)
1 Tray of assorted cold cuts
1 Tray of kugel
Cholent with Meat


Custom Kiddush:

Everything in the Standard Kiddush
& your choice of foods from Ralphs
$250 + Cost of food ordered from Ralphs 


Deluxe Kiddush:

Order your entire Kiddush from Ralphs or other approved caterers
$500 Donation + Cost of food ordered from caterer