Walk & Talk
with Rebbitzen Sura Leider
Walk-and-talk jpg.jpg 

Meets in UC and rides together to the coves for an inspirational stroll. Call 858 518 6511 to join.

10 AM - 12 PM
at La Jolla Coves 



Women's Chumash

Join Rebbitzen Sura Leiders as she explores portions of the Chumash, bringing to life!

8 PM at Chabad of UC



Torah Studies
With Rabbi & Rebbitzen Leider

8-9 PM at Chabad of UC
For more information on Torah Studies, click here.



Mystical Musings
with Rabbi Yudell
Physics teaches us how the physical world works, but how do the spiritual worlds operate? Biology teaches us how our bodies work, but how do our spiritual parts operate? In this series, we will explore the physics and biology of the spiritual realm.  Text 619 723 2439 to join this class or email (address will be provided after signing up).

This class if free of charge. 

7:30  PM
at the Reiz's home